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Award winning food photography for websites, blogs, books, restaurants, bars, and anyone who needs professional photos of delicious foods! 

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My food photography services

I work with businesses and individuals who need food photographs for web or print publications. If you need delicious photos for your blog, website, social media profiles, or printed materials contact me today for a quote for your project!


I need to be present in your restaurant in order to capture the essence of your food and your setting. I currently work with restaurants in Poland. In the near future, I will be expanding to work with restaurants in London and Dublin.

Websites and blogs

I can take photos for your website or blog no matter where you are in the world! I’ll create high-quality images using food that I prepare myself using your recipe. I can also develop a recipe if you don’t have one. I have all the accessories and gear necessary to create stunning pictures that will impress your website visitors. 

Print and e-book publications

No cookbook is complete without mouth-watering images to accompany the recipes. I’ll use your recipes to create stunning high-resolution images that will accurately capture how the meal is supposed to look and encourage your readers to create their own masterpieces.

About Me

Hi! My name is Kasia and I’m an award-winning food photographer. I’m also a foodie and a chef. That’s actually how I got into the business of food photography. I’ve always loved working in the kitchen. My dad was an avid cook, and I have many memories of running around the kitchen helping him as a child. As I grew up, his passion became my passion.


I work with all types of companies and individuals who want delicious-looking photos for their websites, books, and blogs. I also take pictures of food for restaurants and bars who want to showcase their creations for their customers. If you want tempting photos of foods that will really “wow” your audience, I’m here for you!


I love working with new clients!

My skills and specialties are food photography and food styling for online and print publishing. I have all the equipment needed to take beautiful pictures. I can take your recipe, prepare dish and photograph it for you!

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact me!